Graffiti is an ongoing threat to many businesses in Fort Collins. From shops to factories, from clubs to sports arenas, graffiti is everywhere. And while once upon a time it was mostly confined to spray paint that could be cleaned or painted over, today it is just as likely to be carried out with the sharp end of some kind of implement, etched or scratched right into surfaces in a way that cannot be removed. Mirror repair and metal repair from tagging and scratching have become costly or next to impossible.

Businesses have frequently spent way too much money replacing windows, mirrors, and other components that have been defaced by graffiti. Or worse, they leave the damaged materials in place, lowering the value and image of their properties. But there is a simple solution to the problem of metal repair or mirror repair after tagging, scratching, or etching graffiti.

We are talking about anti-graffiti window film. Here’s how it works:

Mirror Repair from Tagging, Scratching, etc:

The anti graffiti film has a mirrored surface, that once applied will look just like your mirror. If someone attempts to deface the mirror, they will really only be destroying the look of this durable, heavy duty film. When the film is removed, the graffiti goes with it, leaving the surface clean and fresh for a new application of film. This type of mirror repair is all done for a fraction of the cost of replacing a mirror.

Metal Repair from Tagging, Scratching, Etching, etc:

Once a metal surface is scratched, etched, or otherwise defaced with any kind of acid, it cannot be returned to its original finish. It might be still functional, but its appearance is forever marred. Metal repair anti-graffiti film comes in a variety of finishes that look just like different metal surfaces. As with the mirror repair film, once applied it will look like the original surface. If it is vandalized, the film is removed and the surface underneath has been protected.

Many companies come to us after their property has already been badly defaced or ruined. They don’t want the expense of replacing it, especially since there is no guarantee it won’t just be graffitied again. With our mirror repair and metal repair films, tagging, scratching, and etching with acid damage can be effectively covered, making the surfaces new again.

However, we recommend adding the film before your any parts of your valuable property are ruined at all.

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