Energy Saving Window Film


Fort Collins Window Tinting offers some of the leading brands when it comes to energy saving window film. This type of film is very important, especially these days when many homes and offices are more and more interested in being 'green' as well as energy efficient. Investing in energy saving film is economical - it will save you money in the long run and you will notice a drastic decrease in your monthly energy bills.

Take a look at the photo below of a window without window film compared to a window with 'solar energy blocking window film.' Without window film, 87% of the solar energy is passed through the window into your home. That means higher temperatures in the home, which equavilates to higher costs in air conditioning. Imagine what a difference it would make it only 11% of the solar energy made it into your home. What a difference!

How Does Energy Saving Window Film Work?

Have you ever sat next to the window, even in summer months, and been so hot from the sun beating down on you even through the window? Especially those of you in Fort Collins, I'm sure you've experienced this a time or two. Window film blocks up to 99% of UV rays and a great deal of heat that gets through windows without film. If you were to add film, you would be blocking the heat that is passed through the window into your house or building and cut down on air conditioning bills.

Another neat fact regarding energy saving window film is that adding film to a single pane window, makes the window act as a double paned window. Same goes for the double paned window - when you add film to a double paned window, it allows the window to perform with the thermal efficiency of a triple paned window. This is a huge benefit, especially when considering the costs up front between a single, double and triple paned window for install. Window film is a much more cost-efficient solution if you don't want to pay the up front cost of a higher-paned window for your residential home or commercial building.

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