Residential Window Film for Fort Collins

Residential Window Film for Fort Collins

Residential window film is not just one product, but rather a whole line of products with different uses and benefits.  Many homeowners today are looking for energy savings, greater privacy, or enhanced security. With residential window film, Fort Collins homeowners can get the features and benefits they are looking for at an affordable price.

Benefits of Residential Window Films for Fort Collins Include:

  1. Enhanced thermal efficiency: window film can increase the comfort of your home and save you money on energy costs. The film works by blocking solar heat gain in the hot months and blocking heat loss from the home during the cold months. With this type of energy efficiency residential window film, Fort Collins residents can save up to fifty percent on heating and cooling costs over the course of a year.
  2. Privacy: a privacy film is a great choice in a home’s entryway or bathroom windows. It might even be a lifesaver in the glass shower door or shower enclosure. These films come in different styles, including films with mirrored exterior finishes, films that look like frosted glass, and more. With this type of privacy residential window film, Fort Collins homeowners can have the privacy they are looking for without having to draw the drapes and block out the natural light.
  3. UV protection: with a UV blocking window film, you can stop 99 percent of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays from entering your home. These are the same rays that you block when you use a sunscreen and UV blocking film is equivalent to an SPF 1000! But UV rays don’t just damage skin, they are also the main culprit in causing a home’s interior furnishings to fade over time. With this type of residential window film, Fort Collins homes can stay newer looking longer, saving money on replacement furnishings.
  4. Security: we offer a range of security window films that can add real peace of mind. They bond to the glass and if it gets broken by a burglar or other vandal attempting to gain entry to the home, or even by a stray baseball, the glass will remain in the window frame. The criminal will not be able to enter and there won’t be a huge glass mess to clean up. With this type of security residential window film, Fort Collins homeowners can take their home’s security to a higher level.
  5. Style and aesthetics: for homeowners looking to add a bit of something extra to any glass or smooth metal surfaces in their home, a decorative window film fits the bill. These films can look like colored, patterned, or textured glass. They give a unique look to any room. With this type of decorative residential window film, Fort Collins homeowners add great style.
  6. Glare reduction: home movie nights or those who work from home can be compromised with persistent glare. Glare reduction window film is perfect for homes that lack shade. This solution doesn’t sacrifice natural lighting, promoting a beautiful, open feel.


Which kind of residential window film offers the right benefits for your home?

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