Anti Graffiti Window Film


Although Fort Collins doesn't experience vandalism and graffiti like inner cities, it happens everywhere. Whether it be on the exterior windows of your retail shop or in the bathrooms on your mirrors, you're likely to come across some sort of text or drawing. Anywhere can be prone to vandalism and the best solution is to be prepared and have an easy fix in hand. Although the window film will not prevent individuals from vandalizing the window, it can allow the clean up to be much faster and much more cost-efficient.

Our experts at Fort Collins Window Film are happy to come to your residential home or commercial building to talk to you about graffiti solutions. Hopefully we talk with you before the damage has been done, and can offer a preventative solution.

Once the windows are covered in anti graffiti window film, any vandalism or graffiti that is drawn or etched onto the film can be easily removed. All we have to do is remove the film and put a new sheet of film onto the window. A cheaper alternative than having to replace the entire window since it's too hard to clean and an eyesore to look at.

Not only are these films great for the exterior windows, but how many times have you walked into a bathroom and seen vandalism on the mirror? Anti graffiti window film can also prevent this type of damage. Along with bathrooms, this is a great product to put on any bus stops, government buildings and public facilities - basically anywhere you would like your glass to be protected, anti graffiti window film is your best bet.

The Damage

Take a look at these photos. How great would it be for these owners to simply peel off the damaged area in one clean (and not to mention, cheap) sweep? It's always better to prevent damages, or at least make them more manageable, than have to suffer the high costs and longer times of replacing the entire window.

Talk to a Specialist

If you are interested in learning more about preventative care for your windows with anti graffiti window film, please contact us today to speak with one of our anti graffiti film experts.