Decorative Window Film

Decorative Window Film

Fort Collins Window Tinting has a vast selection of decorative window film for any home or office and can be customized to fit in any room. Decorative window film is a great alternative and is much more cost-efficient than investing in etched or frosted glass. Window film can also be removed at any time without any damages to the window, making it a great solution when investing in a property that you want to keep up-to-date.

Types of Decorative Film

Take a look at some of the options available for window film finishes. We offer over 50 styles and designs that can turn your room from average to spectacular. On top of these designs below, Fort Collins Window Tinting offers the ability to create a custom design that is one-of-a-kind for your home or business. For an office, think of the branding possibilities you can incorporate into an original window film design.

Custom Decorative Film

Custom decorative film is ideal for both residential and commercial properties. In residential properties, some homeowners are looking for an inexpensive way to add some design and visually appealing decorations throughout the home. There is also a use for decorative film for privacy and safety aspects as well. Using a frosted design can be great on windows where you don't want outsiders looking in. We do a lot of decorative film on bathroom windows and areas you would like a bit more privacy. The film allows the light to stream through the room, while giving you and your family the privacy and comfort you deserve.

Commercial buildings can also greatly benefit from decorative window film. Have you ever been in a conference room, having a meeting and every person outside of the room that walks by, you look at? It can be distracting when there are glass walls or glass doors in a room, the tiniest movement can send your eyes and mind in a different direction. With decorative window film in the office, distractions are minimized, not to mention the look of the film can add eye appeal to the office.

One other way our customers have used decorative window film in their office is for branding purposes. Window film comes in many colors that can match your brand and custom window film allows you to add designs and text to the film to add to your business from the interior or exterior of the building.

Talk to a Specialist

If you are interested in decorative window film, we are here to help. For those of you at the beginning stages, we can help you decide what will best fit you and your space. Those of you farther along in the process, we are here and ready to help you make a decision and start getting your home or office decorated for security, privacy, decoration or branding purposes. Please contact us today to speak with one of our decorative window film experts.