Security/Bomb Blast Window Film

Do I Need Security Window Film?

Fort Collins Window Tinting offers some of the best brands of security window film. This type of film is essential when it comes to protecting your loved ones at home, clients in the office and valuables in your home or office. Not only does it make it more difficult to break your glass, it also prevents the threat of broken glass on the floor, which is a hazard in its own.

Here at Fort Collins Window Tinting, we offer many types of window film. Security window film mitigates broken glass hazards by keeping glass fragments within the window frame after a high impact event. This specialty film provides comprehensive protection even when you're present. For those seeking energy efficient, UV blocking, and privacy benefits, there are security options that contain all three. No need to sacrifice one for the other-- finding the right security film option for you is just a phone call away!

If there is an intruder trying to break into your home and they try to break the glass, the glass itself can still break, but the polyester web that has been installed on the glass adds another hurdle to the intruder's intentions. Therefore, this is an easy way for someone to to change gears and head the other direction, not to mention the clean up is more cost-efficient and can be done much quicker than if the security film had not been in place.

Security Film for Residential Homes

Have you ever wished you had an extra element of security in your home? Many of our customers have been concerned with, primarily, the ground floor doors and windows. There is definitely a sense of peace that comes after the installation of security window film. Knowing your home is a bit more protected when you leave, as well as when you are at home is a comforting feeling. This type of film can also be used by residential home owners that:

- Live in a big city
- Live in a high crime neighborhood
Owning more than one residence, which means one is sitting vacant for a period of time
Traveling - if you travel frequently, no one is home
- Living in an affluent neighborhood

Protection from Bomb Blast

Fort Collins Window Tinting offers bomb blast window film for modern day hazards. Although this is an occurrence we all hope to never witness, it is something that certain government and commercial buildings need to keep in mind. "Fragment Retention Film" (FRF) is the type of window film we use in our bomb blast window film installations. It can also be referred to as shatter resistant film, anti shatter film, blast resistant film and bomb blast window film. Essentially, shattered glass floating through the air at a rapid speed turns into shrapnel. Flying shrapnel can be extremely dangerous and sometimes deadly. This type of window film was fortunately in place in the Pentagon and can be credited to saving numerous lives. Preventing these types of devastations are important and can be easily avoided by being prepared.

There have been tests conducted that show the bomb blast films meet or exceed federal standards when they are tested to the DOD/GSA/USACE security criteria. This is extremely important when considering the amount of damage can be reduced if these films are in place. Our films are also warranted, so any cracking, peeling or discoloration that occurs will be fixed and maintained by our experts. Not only can you feel safer with a preventative method like this, but you can also enjoy your office as if there is no barrier between you and the sun. Many individuals think that something this tough and strong will reduce the amount of sunlight that streams into the building/office, however, you can still enjoy the natural sunlight, but just have an added sense of protection.

To summarize the importance of this type of film, it is a simple, inexpensive and preventative solution to what is and can be a significant issue. It can save lives, keep people out of harm's way, and add a bit of protection to a horrific event.

Talk to a Specialist

Here at Fort Collins Window Tinting, we know that safety is a big priority for many individuals. That is why we use the highest quality products on our client's windows and with our expertise and knowledge in the field, we can recommend the most appropriate brand to accommodate your security needs. The investment on security or bomb blast window film can have a tremendous effect if damage is done to your window. Also, imagine the possibilities of lowering insurance premiums while increasing your energy efficiency, and to top it off, being a barrier for damage on your home or office. If you are interested in learning more about safety window film, please contact us today to speak with one of our experts.