In Longmont, window film can offer residents a wide variety of benefits for both homes and commercial spaces. These benefits include saving money on energy costs, adding security or privacy, and even upgrading style.

Different categories of window films include:

Energy efficiency window film: our top seller, this type of window film saves customers money on heating and cooling costs. It works by blocking solar heat gain in the summer, saving money on air conditioning, and reflecting furnace generated heat back into the interior of a building in winter, saving on heating output and making the interior much more comfortable. As an added bonus, energy efficiency films also block 99 percent of the sun’s damaging UV rays as well as uncomfortable glare.
In Longmont, window film like this is the perfect choice for homowners looking to lower their carbon footprint and commercial buildings looking to lower their overhead, for instance a large hotel with a lot of windows such as the SpringHill Suites Boulder Longmont, or a medical center with a lot of windows such as Longmont United Hospital.

longmont window film

Security window film: in Longmont, window film can also be installed to add security to a building. This type of film works via a heavy polyester mesh that bonds with the glass, is barely perceptible to the naked eye, and yet serves to hold the glass in place in the window if the glass is smashed or shattered. Other types of loss prevention films are so strong that they render the windows virtually shatterproof, thwarting burglars and vandals and smash and grab type crimes.
Privacy and decorative window films: these films can look like frosted, painted, patterned, or expensive etched glass. The decorative films can even be customized with photos or pictures, logos or graphics, and any message the business would like to add. They turn an ordinary mirror or plate glass window into an excellent advertising space and are perfect for the shops in malls such as Longmont’s Village at the Peaks, or the popular Downtown Longmont Creative District.
Anti-graffiti window film: gives Longmont businesses an affordable and simple solution to the problem of graffiti and vandalism on glass, mirrored, and smooth metal surfaces. In Longmont, window film like this can mean a huge savings in time, energy, and even money over the cost or a replacement window or mirror.
For more information in Longmont, window film experts are ready to take your calls. If you’re interested in a quote for any window film project, large or small, please contact us today.