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Guide to School Security Consulting for Fort Collins Educators

school-secuirty-windowfilm5Keeping children safe is on the minds of many school administrators these days. Each day, approximately 12 children in the U.S. die from gun violence and another 32 are injured. For schools, school districts, universities, and even child-care facilities looking to improve their security, a consultation with a security expert is the logical first step.

With companies like Secure Education Consultants (SEC), an expert is brought in to assess the strengths and vulnerabilities of a school or campus. A detailed assessment will be provided to the client with a variety of recommendations of how to improve security for staff and students. This can include access controls, cover and concealment issues, and even things administrators might never have thought of like power and utility issues.

The school security consultant also provides an emergency preparedness plan which can cover things like evacuation policies, lockdown procedures, and other loss mitigation strategies. These types of plans offer great peace of mind, but require a third step. There must be training of the school’s staff and administration in how to handle a variety of dangerous scenarios, from hostage situations to active gunfire in the school, student abductions, bomb threats, and other types of critical situations. Proper training can mean the difference between lives saved and lives lost.

Security Window Film for Enhancing Campus Safety

School security window film is increasingly included in the list of suggestions for a campus to implement as part of their new enhanced security measures. School security film consists of a transparent polyester film that comes in various thicknesses. At the lowest strength, it can hold the glass firmly in the frames should the windows be smashed. At the highest strength, it will hold the glass even in the case of a bomb blast or other type of explosion.

Bomb threats often occur without warning. Experts estimate that from the years 1990 to 2002, there were about 1055 blast related incidents that took place in schools and of these, only 14 were accompanied by a warning. That’s why it’s important for schools to be proactive.

Since fatalities and injuries from flying glass are one of the biggest hazards in an explosion, the inclusion of security window film can save many lives. It can also save schools money, depending on which film is chosen. There are some that will not allow the glass to shatter, even if hit by a flying baseball, and the school’s investment in the film is quickly paid back by not having to replace the glass at all.

Fort Collins School Security Film Options

We offer a full line of different types of security window film, from industry innovator 3M, Llumar, and many more. 3M films have been installed in safety conscious installations around the globe, including Buckingham Palace, the Vatican, and a host of foreign embassies and consulates worldwide.

We also have many security film options that include the added benefits of energy efficiency, UV protection, and privacy. By lowering your energy costs and protecting building occupants and valuables from harmful UV radiation, your school’s budget restrictions will be alleviated. Reflective film options enable another layer of security so that assailants can’t look into your premises. These versatile, multi-functioning films provide comprehensive peace-of-mind.

For more information about 3M school security window film, please contact us.

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