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Bird Divert for Fort Collins Properties

Welcome to Fort Collins Window Tinting, where innovation meets bird safety with Bird Divert! We’re excited to introduce this revolutionary bird safety window film to property owners throughout Fort Collins. Bird Divert is not just a product; it’s a promise to protect our avian friends and prevent property damage. Let’s dive into the fascinating benefits of Bird Divert for Fort Collins properties and how it’s making a real difference in our community.

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Bird Glass Collisions: Facts & Statistics

It’s crucial to understand the dire impact of glass collisions on our feathered neighbors. The outside of glass is reflective, which means birds often mistake their surroundings for open sky. The result? Up to 1 billion bird fatalities occur annually in North America. Houses and cottages contribute to nearly 25.9% of these fatalities, making it a significant issue.

Low and mid-rise buildings are even more perilous, accounting for approximately 63.9% of bird fatalities. Even high-rise buildings, seemingly far from the reach of birds, contribute to about 10.2% of these tragic incidents.

Protect Your Windows & Birds in Fort Collins

Bird Divert is the answer to this critical issue. Manufactured by National Window Film, it’s the most effective, optically-clear bird marker on the market. It acts as an invisible shield, protecting our avian friends from dangerous collisions.

How Bird Divert Works

The science behind Bird Divert’s effectiveness is fascinating. It’s designed to be seen only by birds and not humans. This innovative bird safety window film consists of a durable UV-absorbing/reflecting dot matrix that appears black or violet to the avian eye while remaining optically clear to humans.

Advantages of Bird Divert in Fort Collins

Bird Divert is not just a solution; it’s a commitment to bird safety and eco-friendly practices. Our product incorporates proprietary UV reflective and absorbing technology, earning recognition from the American Bird Conservancy as the only industry-leading application to achieve a threat level of 18.

Moreover, Bird Divert qualifies commercial buildings for LEED pilot 55 certifications, aligning your property with sustainable and environmentally responsible principles. To offer peace of mind to our customers, we back our product with an industry-leading 5-year manufacturer warranty.

Proprietary UV Technology

Our secret weapon against bird collisions lies in our proprietary UV technology. Bird Divert utilizes advanced UV reflective and absorbing technology to prevent bird accidents, making it a must-have for your property.

Industry Recognition

Bird Divert has gained the endorsement and a threat level rating of 18 from the American Bird Conservancy, showcasing its industry-leading status. You can trust that you’re investing in the best solution for bird safety.

Versatile Applications

Bird Divert is incredibly versatile. Whether you’re looking to reduce bird collisions at existing buildings or design a new bird-friendly structure, we have the solutions you need. Plus, it qualifies your property for LEED pilot 55 certifications, contributing to your sustainability goals.

Invisible to Humans, Visible to Birds

The beauty of Bird Divert lies in its invisibility to humans. This innovative bird safety window film remains optically clear to the human eye, so you won’t even notice it’s there. But for our avian friends, it’s a lifesaving beacon.

Endorsed by Avian Experts

When it comes to bird safety, we’ve gained the trust of the National Audubon Society and the American Bird Conservancy. Our product’s endorsement speaks volumes about its credibility and reliability in protecting our bird populations.


For added peace of mind, we offer a generous 5-year manufacturer warranty on Bird Divert. We stand behind our product’s quality and effectiveness, ensuring your investment is well-protected.

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Bird Divert Product Specifications

Let’s dive into the specifics of Bird Divert:

  • 98% Visible Light Transmission (VLT): It won’t obstruct your view.
  • 3.2mm thickness: Thin, yet durable.
  • PVC acrylic hard coat material: Built to withstand the elements.
  • Exterior application: Protecting birds from potential collisions outside your property.

Maintain Compliance with Building Codes

Many cities and regions are enacting local laws that require building owners to comply with bird-friendly design requirements. Bird Divert ensures your property meets these requirements, keeping you in line with local regulations.

Bird Divert Resources

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Get a Quote for Bird Divert in Fort Collins

Now, it’s your turn to join the movement to protect our feathered friends and prevent costly property damage. We install Bird Divert for properties all throughout Fort Collins, including Old Town, Terry Shores, Old Prospect, Bucking Horse, Warren Shores, and beyond.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation or get a quote. By choosing Bird Divert, you’re not just safeguarding your property; you’re contributing to the well-being of our local bird populations. Let’s make Fort Collins a safer and more bird-friendly place together. Call us now!