Bird Strike Prevention

Keep Our Feathered Friends in Fort Collins Safe with Bird Strike Prevention Window Film

bird strike prevention window film fort collinsThere are about 300 different species of birds in the Front Range, many of which call Fort Collins home. Birds help us humans out in a lot of ways, from spreading pollen for our crops to keeping our yards and parks free of insects. But unfortunately, our buildings are far from bird friendly, and hundreds of birds die every year from colliding into them. By installing bird strike prevention, Fort Collins businesses and homeowners can take steps to protect birds and create safer architectural designs.

Reduce Window Collins with Bird Safety Window Film

Windows aren’t always easy to see. Sometimes, if the glass is very clean, it’s hard to tell that they’re there at all. Other times, their reflective surface makes them look like their surroundings. Birds and people collide with glass, and the results range from mild to catastrophic. By installing bird safety window film for Fort Collins buildings, we can make our city safer for everyone, including birds and people alike!

bird window film fort collins

Recommended by the American Bird Conservancy

Bird strike window films are recommended by the American Bird Conservancy as a method for preventing window collisions. Our lives would be extremely different without the plants and animals we depend on. Installing fritted window film is an environmentally responsible decision, and one that can help keep the environment safe.

Available in Dozens of Different Styles

Fritted window films use subtle patterns, dots, and stripes to make glass more visible. This gives birds, pets, and people the hint that they need to watch out. Our window tinting technicians will help you find the perfect fritted film for your Fort Collins home or building.

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