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Llumar Window Films:  Proven Excellence For Your Fort Collins Windows

We are proud to offer a comprehensive range of window films from LLumar to Fort Collins property owners. Llumar is a direct result of superior engineering and as such, is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial and residential window tint products.

LLumar’s continued commitment to innovation is what made and keeps them a major player in the window film industry. With over 60+ years of steadfast growth, Llumar window film is one of the longest-running film companies in the world.

Llumar is a great choice for your Fort Collins space, residential or commercial. LLumar’s high standards, copious options, optimal clarity, and world-renowned durability are all reasons to have this film applied to your windows.  

Llumar Window Film for All Areas Of Your Life

Llumar window films are incredibly useful in commercial and home applications–but do particularly well in Solar Control.  They offer cutting-edge products which are a perfect fit where homes and businesses need them most–in windows that get a lot of sun.  They have excellent solar rejection properties with no sacrifice of beauty or clarity.

The Advantages of LLumar in Fort Collins, Colorado

No matter what your goals may be – to increase privacy, bolster security, or fend off the relentless Colorado sun, LLumar is the perfect option. The advantages of Llumar are wide-sweeeping and include:

  • UV Protection:  Keep the bright Fort Collins sun from doing damage to you, your family, your employees and your furnishings with UV blocking window film from Llumar
  • Glare Reduction:  Take back the rooms you love in your home or at work with Llumar window films for reducing glare.
  • Energy Conservation:  Protect your possessions and your profit with energy saving window films from Llumar.
  • Other Benefits: LLumar films offer many other benefits including enhanced security, vandalism prevention, privacy, and more. Call today to learn about the full range of benefits available to you!

Not only affordable but incredibly effective, Llumar films should be a  go-to window film for commercial property owners in Fort Collins.

LLumar Solar Control Window Film

LLumar Solar Control Window Films offer a bright, energy-efficient solution for homes. These durable, micro-thin films reduce heat, glare, and UV exposure while preserving natural light. They are an economical alternative to traditional window treatments, enhancing comfort without blocking views.

With options ranging from nearly invisible to tinted or reflective, LLumar films not only improve energy efficiency but also add style and privacy. Products like Reflective, Dual-Reflective, Ceramic, and Low-E films cater to specific needs, ensuring optimal indoor comfort and protection, making them a versatile choice for homeowners looking to balance functionality with aesthetics.

LLumar Safety & Security Window Film

LLumar Safety and Security Films offer robust protection for both people and property. Engineered with heavy-duty polyester and potent adhesives, these films fortify glass against a myriad of threats including break-ins, vandalism, natural disasters, and more, while maintaining a low-profile appearance.

Ideal for homes as well as commercial settings such as offices, schools, and retail displays, these films meet global safety and blast protection standards, ensuring peace of mind without compromising on visibility. From clear films that protect without altering aesthetics to solar safety films that additionally manage heat and UV rays, and anti-graffiti options for public spaces, LLumar provides a versatile defense solution, blending safety with comfort and UV protection.

LLumar Decorative Window Film

LLumar iLLusions™ decorative window films offer an innovative way to enhance privacy and aesthetics in any space. These films come in a myriad of styles, from classic frosts to nature motifs and playful patterns, catering to diverse design preferences.

Whether it’s adding a layer of privacy to bathroom windows, disguising kitchen cabinet clutter, or introducing texture to children’s rooms and furniture, LLumar’s decorative films provide versatile solutions. Benefits include designer style, privacy, light filtering, and easy updates, making any glass surface a canvas for creativity. With options for every taste, these films effortlessly blend functionality with style, turning ordinary spaces into personalized sanctuaries.

LLumar Window Film Technical Data & Spec Sheets

Check out these resources for more information about LLumar’s window film products:

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