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The Solar Gard Difference

solar gard ft collinsWhen it comes to the important things in life, your finances, your loved ones, your personal belongings, you need to have a system in place you can depend on to provide unwavering protection. That’s why there’s Solar Gard window film for Fort Collins properties.

Solar Gard has been a leading brand of energy saving window film for decades. Solar Gard films have proven to be highly effective in Fort Collins’ highly variable climate due to their innovative design and uncompromising durability. With Solar Gard window film, you’ll experience incredible results through every season, year after year.

Your Number One Source for Solar Gard in Fort Collins

Fort Collins Window Tinting is proud to be a licensed Solar Gard installer. We service Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, and the surrounding area, providing homeowners and businesses with top-notch energy saving and solar control window film. We have a wide range of Solar Gard films for you to choose from that can meet your project goals and needs.

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Solar Gard is a Sustainable Solution

Solar Gard films put energy waste in the past. Solar Gard is part of the efforts of globally renowned company Saint-Gobain and is geared toward contributing to an initiative to move the world towards a more sustainable, environmentally friendly future.

Solar Gard Benefits

Solar Gard films work to control and harness the energy of the sun in an effective manner to improve day to day comfort for citizens worldwide and maximize efficiency. Solar Gard films provide incredible benefits unmatched by any other window film, such as:

  • 79% heat rejection
  • 30% energy savings
  • 99.9% UV protection
  • 95% glare reduction

Solar Gard Ecolux

present the cutting-edge Ecolux™ Low-E window film from Solar Gard. This top-tier product is designed for year-round comfort, skillfully blocking the sun’s heat during summer while retaining indoor warmth in winter. Ecolux™ Low-E features low emissivity technology, significantly reducing heat loss through windows when it’s cold. With spectral selectivity, it allows 68% of natural daylight to brighten your space while blocking 52% of solar energy, ensuring a comfortable and energy-efficient environment.

Solar Gard Panorama CX

Discover the exceptional Panorama CX window film at Fort Collins Window Tinting, a masterpiece in Solar Gard’s ceramic product line. Panorama CX employs advanced sputtered ceramic technology to masterfully reject up to 58% of total solar energy, enhancing your indoor climate control and comfort without compromising your view. Its low visible reflectivity ensures that your views remain clear and your building’s exterior maintains its natural appearance.

Solar Gard Panorama Hilite

This premium film is almost invisible, designed to block 55% of total solar energy while maximizing natural light. With its industry-leading spectral selectivity, Hilite offers exceptional heat rejection without compromising the brightness and clarity of your space. Its ultra-low reflectivity surpasses even clear glass, ensuring unmatched optical clarity. Plus, it’s fortified with UV blockers to protect against harmful rays.

Solar Gard Armorcoat Clear Safety

Fort Collins Window Tinting is proud to offer Clear Safety, part of the Armorcoat® safety film series. This optically clear, colorless film is virtually undetectable, preserving the natural appearance of your windows both day and night. Engineered with resilient layers of high-tensile polyester and strong adhesives, it provides impressive impact resistance. Clear Safety is designed to deter intruders, reduce injury risk from flying glass, and maintain clear views through your windows. Plus, it offers protection against harmful UV rays, safeguarding both people and property.

Solar Gard Resources & Technical Information

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