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Commercial Window Film for All Your Architectural Needs

Do you wish your commercial building looked different, was more energy efficient, or otherwise more conducive to your business needs? Commercial window film from Fort Collins Window Tinting is just what you need!

Many business owners today are looking to add security to their offices, or cut down on overhead. According to Department of Energy, the average energy use of a commercial property in the U.S. is 22.5 kilowatt-hours per square foot! In Fort Collins, environmental concerns are important, so some business owners are looking to go more “green.” And yet others need to add privacy to an office space or even give it a boost in color and style and interest. And then, there’s the ongoing issue of graffiti.

Commercial window film provides a solution to all of these concerns and more. With window film, you can retrofit existing windows and glass walls with ease for enhanced performance and aesthetic appeal. From offices to schools, retail stores to hospitals and beyond, all types of commercial environments benefit from window tinting!

Enhance Safety, Comfort & More

With commercial window film, Fort Collins business owners can address numerous architectural issues simply and for an affordable cost. We offer various types of commercial and office window film for Fort Collins business including security, energy saving films, 3M, LLumar, Vista, and beyond.

Energy efficiency film

This product blocks heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter, to put it as simply as possible. It makes an office more comfortable with less need for air conditioning or heating. With this type of office window film, Fort Collins business owners might save as much as fifty percent off their heating and cooling costs, which are always a large part of an office’s overhead.

Security film

In 2022, costs associated with retail theft reached $112.1 billion, up 19% from $93.9 billion the year before. Smash-and-grabs happen quickly but you can protect your property with security film! It comes in various weights and will make a glass surface harder to smash, all the way up to virtually smash proof. It can eliminate the dreaded smash and grab type crime by denying criminals entry to the premises through the windows.

Decorative film

Decorative film comes in beautiful colors, patterns, and various types of designs. It adds style and interest to a space. It can be customized to include text or a message, making it a valuable advertising strategy and allowing businesses to take full advantage of their windows’ real estate within the office. With this type of commercial window film, Fort Collins office spaces get a unique new look at a reasonable cost.

Privacy film

This product is perfect for glass walled offices or cubicles, plate glass front windows, office doors, and any other place more privacy is needed. It can look like frosted, etched, or even mirrored glass. The mirrored glass film can give a great contemporary look to a building’s exterior. With this type of office window film, Fort Collins businesses can add the privacy and exclusive feel they need while still letting in natural light.

Anti-graffiti film

This product does not repel graffiti, but rather absorbs it, protecting the glass beneath. Although spray paint graffiti can usually be washed off, the scratching, etching, and acid based types cannot. They will ruin your glass. If tagged, the film can be removed and replaced with a fresh film for much lower cost than replacing an entire window would be.

Bomb blast film

This product is used in government buildings, public places such as sports arenas, and any place that might come under threat of explosion. With this type of office window film, Fort Collins businesses and government installations can take productive steps to reduce loss of life in the unfortunate event of an explosion.

Glare reduction window film

The discomfort produced from glare can really affect your employee’s productivity or guest buyer experience. Glare can cause severe headaches and squinting during important screen viewing activities. Improve your Fort Collins office space, storefront, and other commercial properties with glare reduction window film.

Daylight redirecting film

Daylight redirecting film promotes a much more welcoming office space while improving employee productivity, lowering absentee rates, and helping alleviate lighting costs.

Ideal for Commercial Properties of All Types

Our commercial window films are ideal for a wide range of applications. They’re the perfect solution for nearly any industry, enhancing functionality and aesthetics in workspaces, retail environments, educational institutions, hospitality settings, dining establishments, and beyond.

No matter what your goals for your commercial property may be, our window tinting experts will help you find the right film to meet your needs. Our commercial window tint can be utilized for architectural enhancements, energy-efficient upgrades, privacy partitions in offices, promotional displays in retail, safety enhancements in schools, ambiance setting in hotels, decorative accents in restaurants, and more. Each application is designed to meet the unique needs and challenges of its environment, providing a customized solution that improves both performance and appearance.

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