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Fort Collins Window Tinting is humbled to be the leading source for Madico window film solutions in the Fort Collins area. Madico has engineered, researched, and manufactured innovative architectural and specialty films for over 100 years. As one of the top window film designers available in today’s market, we’re proud to offer our clients Madico’s entire, extensive product line. From commercial-grade UV protection to safety and security film systems, we guarantee you’ll find the right investment solution for your residential or commercial project.

Madico Energy Conservation Architectural Window Film

Madico Energy Conservation Architectural Window Film was engineered to help Fort Collins homeowners and business owners save drastically on annual energy bills. With high solar rejection and UV protection, you’ll enjoy your property all year-round.

  • Rejects up to 86% of solar heat
  • Blocks up to 99% of harmful UV rays
  • Promotes glare reduction
  • Helps buildings gain LEED certification

Madico Safety and Security Window Film

Madico Safety and Security Window Film delivers around-the-clock protection for residential and commercial properties throughout the Fort Collins area. This passive security system adds invisible protection to the most vulnerable parts of your home.

  • Defend against intruders, robberies, natural disasters, vandalism, freak accidents, and more
  • Protect valuables and building occupants from broken glass hazards
  • Protects surfaces from graffiti and vandalism

Madico Decorative Window Film

Madico Decorative Window Film is an extensive line of timeless privacy solutions that can be utilized in commercial and residential applications. With a multitude of designs and colors to choose from, we ensure you’ll find the right solution for your Fort Collins property.

  • Highly customizable for brand visibility
  • Decolite series is available in multiple finishes, imitating expensive custom glass

Madico Solution Series Window Film

Madico Solution Series features specialty architectural films engineered for specific industry needs and issues.

  • UV-Gard: provides high UV protection while maintaining visible light transmissions– filters over 99% of UV light
  • Amber 81: designed for medical and hospital settings– blocks UV light while maintaining low visible light transmissions
  • Graffiti Free: sacrificial, clear surface film that protects surfaces from graffiti and vandalism
  • Blister Free: specialty film designed for polycarbonate and acrylic surfaces– protects additional window film solutions from blistering
  • Printables: custom film graphic printing– available in UV blocking, scratch-resistant, or optically clear options
  • View Control: offers different viewing angle transitions between translucent and transparent– provides unique, effective privacy

Madico Resources

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