Window Film Cleaning & Care

window film cleaning careOnce you have window film installed for your Fort Collins home or property, cleaning and care is relatively simple. The two most important parts of aftercare are (1) using the correct cleaners and (2) waiting for the film to fully dry and cure post installation. So long as you follow these simple guidelines, your window film should last several years without any issues.

How to Care for Your Window Film After Installation

Once your window film is installed, it needs to be left alone so that it can fully cure and adhere to the glass. Window film is usually attached using a bonding agent or primer. While a good amount of the primer is removed during the installation, trace amounts will remain in place due to the porous nature of the glass. Sometimes, thin layers of water or moisture may also get trapped between the glass and the film, giving the window a hazy or bubbly appearance. This is completely normal and will resolve itself over time. However, it’s important to avoid puncturing these bubbles and disrupting the film so that it can bond to the window pane.

Wait 30 Days Before Cleaning

Perhaps the most important part of aftercare is the adhering to the recommended waiting time before cleaning. It’s hard to say how long exactly it will take for the window film to fully dry and cure. This is dependent on the weather and climate conditions. Cloudy, humid weather may prolong the drying time. However, as a general rule of thumb, most window film manufacturers recommend waiting about 30 days before attempting any cleaning of the film or the area near the window.

Window Film Cleaning & Maintenance

It’s important to follow the recommendations for window film cleaning and maintenance provided by Ft Collins Window Tinting. Cleaning window film is similar to cleaning a normal window, but there are a few notable exceptions. For one, you should avoid using any cleaners that contain ammonia or are abrasive by nature. Additionally, you should refrain from using any coarse cleaning cloths or paper towels.

Our Recommendations for Care

Most manufacturers state that household cleaners are safe to use on window film. However, we at Fort Collins Window Tinting like to advise our customers to err on the side of caution. We recommend applying soapy water using a soft cloth such as microfiber towel.
Soft paper towels work fine for this purpose as well, but the use of coarse paper towels should be avoided as these can scratch teh surface. Every once in a while, you may also want to use a silicone polish to renew the lustrous shine of the film.

Get More Information About Care & Cleaning

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