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Fort Collins Window Tinting is the premier window tinting contractor in the Fort Collins area. We install window film in Fort Collins, as well as the surrounding areas of Greeley, Loveland, Longmont, and Cheyenne. Our team of expert designers, installers, and technicians gives us the ability to handle projects of all types and sizes ranging from large commercial installs for office buildings and hotels to single family homes.

Our experts have been in the Residential and Commercial window film industry since 2008 and are professionals in their field. Fort Collins Window Tinting provides a variety of window films, varying from energy saving, UV protection, glare reduction, safety and decorative films. Whether you need UV blocking window film for your Old Town hotel or security window film for your Oakridge Village home, we've got you covered. We work with the leading brands in the industry and only provide pristine customer service to our clients.


UV Protection

UV Protection

Enjoy the benefits of natural sunlight without having to worry about damage from harmful UV rays. Ultraviolet light can cause your furniture to warp and fade and also is the main culprit for many skin diseases. UV Protection window film for Fort Collins properties blocks out 99.9% of harmful UV rays and can keep your family and personal belongings safe.

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Summer Energy Savings

Summer Energy Savings

Are you tired of seeking a spike in your electricity bill every summer? Energy Saving Window film from Fort Collins Window Tinting can make your home or office a comfortable, energy efficient space. It works to reduce solar heat gain, regulate the interior temperature of your home, and increase the efficiency of your HVAC system. That way, you can beat the heat and save money.

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It's a dangerous world out there. In the U.S., a burglary occurs every 25.7 seconds. Firearms are one of the leading causes of child fatalities. And smash-and-grabs cause businesses to lose millions of dollars each year. Security window film for your Fort Collins property can provide you with the protection and peace of mind you need. Security window tint guards against intruders, blasts, natural disasters, and can keep you safe no matter what life throws your way. It's a great option for businesses in Old Town as well as family-oriented neighborhoods like Huntington Hills and many other applications. Learn more about security window film.



Explore your creative side and unleash your imagination with decorative window film! Decorative window film takes ordinary windows and flat surfaces from gloom to va-voom in a flash! Available in a variety of styles, shades, and finishes, decorative window tint adds a pop of color and texture to interior spaces, turning windows and glass partitions into extraordinary works of art. We recommend decorative window film for businesses in Old Prospect looking to add artistic flair. It's also an elegant privacy option for homes in Warren Shores and City Park. Learn more about decorative window film.

Winter Energy Savings

Winter Energy Savings

U.S. homeowners spend $1850 on average to heat their home each year. Chances are, if you have only single pane windows, a good amount of that expense is going right out the window. Single pane glass does almost nothing to retain heat and has very poor insulating properties. Keep your home or office toasty warm during cold winter months with window film. Energy Saving Window Film for Fort Collins properties works to trap in beneficial radiant heat throughout the winter. It also evens out hot and cold spots throughout your building to create a comfortable indoor climate. It’s effective on cutting down your heating costs through periods of harsh weather.
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Anti Graffiti

Anti Graffiti

Even the safest neighborhoods experience issues with vandalism. Vandalism can pose major problems for schools and business and cost a fortune to repair. Anti graffiti window film puts an end to acts of vandalism and helps keep surfaces, signs, and buildings graffiti free. Removable and totally affordable, anti graffiti film is a clever solution that can outsmart vandals and keep maintenance costs low for your building. Learn more about anti-graffiti film.

Fort Collins Window Film Experts

Fort Collins Window Film Experts

Fort Collins Window Tinting Owner and Founder, Martin Faith

Martin Faith is the proud founder of Fort Collins Window Tinting. In 2008, Martin installed film on his own windows and after noticing a dramatic decrease in his energy bills, he decided to help others by creating the business.

We are experts in installing window film in Fort Collins for both residential homes and commercial buildings. Hospitals, hotels, retail shops, homes, and even skyscrapers are some of the few projects we have completed during our years in the field.


Residential window film offers numerous benefits for homeowners in Fort Collins, Colorado, enhancing comfort, efficiency, and privacy across diverse neighborhoods.
In historic areas like Old Town, window film can preserve the aesthetic charm of homes while improving energy efficiency, reducing the need for costly HVAC usage by blocking out significant amounts of solar heat. For upscale and family-oriented neighborhoods such as Harmony Corridor and Fossil Lake Ranch, window film adds an extra layer of privacy and security, allowing natural light in while keeping prying eyes out. In areas abundant with outdoor activities and natural beauty, like the City Park Area, window films protect interiors from harmful UV rays, preventing fading of furniture and floors.

Additionally, for all neighborhoods, window films can significantly reduce glare, enhancing comfort for activities such as watching TV or working on computers. By addressing issues like energy consumption, privacy, interior protection, and glare reduction, residential window film is a versatile solution that caters to the varied lifestyles and needs of Fort Collins homeowners, contributing to a more comfortable, secure, and energy-efficient living environment.

Window film offers practical benefits for offices in Fort Collins, addressing energy efficiency, privacy, security, and protection of office interiors.

In areas like Old Town and Harmony Corridor, where offices may experience high energy costs due to heating in winter and cooling in summer, window film plays a crucial role in reducing these expenses. It does so by blocking solar heat to decrease air conditioning use during warm months and adding insulation to retain heat during cold months. This not only cuts down on energy bills but also creates a more consistently comfortable work environment, which can boost employee productivity.

Additionally, window film enhances office privacy and security, which is especially valuable for ground-level offices or those in close proximity to others. The film allows natural light to enter while preventing outsiders from looking in, balancing openness with privacy. It also strengthens windows, making them more resistant to break-ins and accidental damage.

Moreover, window film protects against UV rays, which can fade furniture and office equipment over time. By addressing these key concerns—energy efficiency, privacy, security, and interior protection—window film provides a straightforward solution for improving the functionality and comfort of Fort Collins offices.

Window film presents a range of practical benefits for schools and colleges in Fort Collins, directly addressing needs related to energy conservation, glare, and campus protection.

Educational institutions, from primary schools to colleges, often face high energy costs due to the need to maintain comfortable learning environments throughout the year. Window film can significantly reduce these costs by minimizing heat gain during the warm months and retaining heat during the cooler months, thus reducing the reliance on heating and cooling systems. This leads to more manageable energy bills and contributes to creating a stable and comfortable environment conducive to learning and productivity.

Moreover, window film enhances the safety and security of educational facilities. It makes windows more resistant to breakage, whether from accidental impacts or potential security threats, thereby protecting students and staff.

Privacy is another benefit, as window film can prevent unwanted observation into classrooms and administrative areas while still allowing natural light to filter through, which is known to have positive effects on students' mood and concentration. Additionally, by blocking harmful UV rays, window film helps protect classroom materials, such as books, artwork, and technology, from fading and damage.

These benefits make window film a valuable addition to educational buildings in Fort Collins, supporting a safer, more energy-efficient, and conducive learning environment.

Window film is a strategic investment for hotels in Fort Collins, offering a suite of benefits that enhance guest experience while improving operational efficiency.

In a city that experiences a wide range of temperatures throughout the year, hotels can face significant energy costs from heating and cooling systems. Window film addresses this challenge by improving the thermal efficiency of hotel windows, reducing heat gain during summer and retaining heat during winter. This leads to substantial energy savings, lowering operational costs and contributing to environmental sustainability efforts, which are increasingly important to today’s eco-conscious travelers.

Additionally, window film boosts guest comfort and satisfaction in several ways. It reduces glare in guest rooms and common areas, making spaces more comfortable for activities such as reading or using electronic devices. Privacy and security are enhanced, as window film can obscure or completely block views into rooms from the outside without sacrificing natural light, offering guests peace of mind during their stay.

Furthermore, protection from UV rays helps preserve the interior decor of the hotel, preventing fading of furnishings, carpets, and artwork, and ensuring that the aesthetic appeal of the hotel is maintained. Investing in window film thus not only improves the operational aspects of running a hotel in Fort Collins but also elevates the overall guest experience.

Window film is an advantageous addition for bars, pubs, cafes, and restaurants in Fort Collins, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and functional aspects of these establishments.

By controlling solar heat gain, window film helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, crucial for creating a pleasant dining or socializing environment regardless of the season. This thermal regulation contributes to significant energy savings, as it reduces the need for air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter, directly impacting utility costs positively.

Moreover, window film can significantly enhance the ambiance and privacy of dining spaces. It allows natural light to penetrate, brightening interiors without the harsh glare that can detract from the dining experience.

For venues with street-facing windows or in close proximity to pedestrian traffic, the film offers a level of privacy to patrons, making them feel more secluded and comfortable. Additionally, the UV protection provided by window film helps preserve the interior decor, including furniture, curtains, and artwork, from fading caused by sun exposure. This preservation is not only cost-effective in terms of reducing the need for frequent replacements but also ensures that the aesthetic quality of the establishment remains high, contributing to a more inviting atmosphere for customers.

Window film offers substantial benefits to retail businesses in Fort Collins, enhancing both the shopping experience for customers and the operational efficiency for store owners.

One of the primary advantages of retail and storefront window tinting is the significant reduction in energy costs. By blocking a portion of the sun's heat during warmer months and retaining interior heat during cooler months, window film helps maintain a comfortable shopping environment without over-reliance on heating and cooling systems. This not only leads to lower utility bills but also supports sustainability efforts, a value that resonates with many consumers today.

In addition to energy savings, window film improves the aesthetic and functional aspects of retail spaces. It reduces glare, which can be particularly beneficial for stores with large windows that showcase merchandise. This ensures products are seen in the best light without the adverse effects of direct sunlight, which can fade colors and degrade materials over time.

Furthermore, window film can enhance privacy and security, a consideration for stores with high-value items. It makes windows more resistant to breakage, providing an extra layer of protection against theft and vandalism.

For retailers in Fort Collins, investing in window film is a cost-effective way to improve store comfort, protect merchandise, and potentially attract more customers by offering a more pleasant shopping experience.

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