UV/Fading Protection Window Film

Metal Shield

Metal Shield can be an important step in making vandalism or damage an easier clean up process. Unfortunately, metal can be damaged very easily with a simple key, nail or some sort of sharp object dragged across the material. It can also be damaged by graffiti. Graffiti is commonly used with some sort of spray paint, which is almost impossible to remove from any surface. It's never a scenario you want, especially when you own the property. Common areas that are destroyed are elevators, escalators, signs and bathroom stall doors. If you are a business owner or an individual responsible for upkeep in a facility, you should think about investing in a metal shield.

These surface films are absolutely perfect for protecting the metal. They come in multiple colors and can be completely customized for your needs. Any size, shape or color can be accommodated so passerby's and guests don't notice there is a shield over your metal. When damages occur, instead of stressing over what to do next or how to fix such a large mess in some instances (on escalators or elevators) you can simply remove the protective shield to reveal the original metal material. With the shield on top, it absorbs all of the damages and not a single element can seep through the shield.

Mirror Shield

Mirrors are one of the most common areas for vandalism to occur. They are the prime spot because people are typically alone in these areas and have time to etch or draw on the mirrors. Common areas these happen in are restaurants, bus stations, train stations and sporting venues. Even going in public park restrooms, these are typically full of etching/writing on the glass mirrors. Unfortunately for business owners and property owners, this can cause a lot of damage and headaches. You need to deal with the damages, in some cases there can be vulgar images or words on the mirrors that need to be addressed immediately.

This is where Mirror Shield can come into play. Instead of replacing the mirror in it's entirety which can be very time consuming and expensive, you should consider investing in mirror shields. These shields are easily installed and add a protective layer on top of your already expensive mirror. Professionals come in and can quickly install this shield, custom to any shape or size mirror you have, and you are prepared for any future damages. Next time you see graffiti or etching on your property, all you need to do is remove the protective layer to reveal your original, crystal clear mirror.

Glass Shield

Glass is everywhere. It tends to be on top of a lot of signs for protection from weather and any outside force. However, it is also a target for vandals to make a mark. This happens a lot in crowded, urban areas. Bus stop signs, movie theater posters, maps and signs are common areas this happens in. Glass is prone to a lot of etching and also graffiti. It doesn't take much for your glass to become damaged. A tiny key, nail or even a rock can do the trick.

Since these areas are hard to monitor and keep clean, investing in a glass shield may be your best option. A professional will come in and measure the area you would like to protect. They will then go back and customize the exact size and thickness you need. After that, they will come back and professionally install the protective shield to eliminate any damage done to your possessions in the future.