3M: A Trusted Household Name You Can Trust to Save You Money

3M is one of the most trusted names in today’s window film market and for good reason– they have been in the household products market for over a century and earned their reputation for excellence. Their dedication to innovation and superior product offerings is apparent in many fields–not just window film and tinting. However, when it comes to window film, 3M has been producing quality tints and films for over 50 years and still produces some of the most state-of-the-art window film money can buy. True to their reputation for excellence, all their window film products are proven to increase the interior comfort of your Fort Collins home or commercial building and save you money.

3M Window Film for Fort Collins Homes and Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings benefit immeasurable from 3M window film, especially here in Fort Collins because, commercial properties spend a disproportionate amount of their money on utility bills. Therefore, when energy is conserved, so too is profit. Since commercial utility spending is so high, a 20% reduction with 3M window film could add up to tens of thousands of dollars year after year. Not only do commercial properties benefit from the solar mitigation properties of 3M window tinting, but from other benefits unique to commercial properties like security, branding and graffiti remediation. However, for homes in the Fort Collins areas, the benefits of 3M window film are just as strong and include:

  • Lower Energy Costs with 3M Window Film
  • Increased Comfort with 3M Window Film
  • Reduced Sun Glare with 3M Film
  • Increased Safety with 3M Window Film


3M Decorative Window Film for Fort Collins Commercial Properties 

3M delivers highly customizable decorative window film solutions. From exterior building wraps to interior glass application, Fort Collins commercial properties can all experience the advertising and branding power of decorative film. 3M decorative film utilizes HD proprietary printing with UV resistant inks. These vibrant graphics can last over 10 years while simultaneously offering the ability to be quickly, easily removed and replaced by professionals. Great for short-term and long-term projects that promote upcoming events, regional sales, brand visualizations, and much more.

  • Customizable graphics
  • Endless designs and colors available
  • Effective visual marketing tool
  • Can be incorporated for residential decorative projects
  • Versatile applications

3M Daylight Redirecting Film in Fort Collins

3M Daylight Redirecting Film is a fairly new but incredibly effective product that was introduced to the window film industry in 2014. It is a revolutionary product and one that is intended to help create green buildings and homes. The 3M Daylight Redirecting Film technology uses micro-replication to actually redirect the light from directly in front of the windows deeper into buildings. The light is directed to go up to the ceiling, be reflected off the ceiling and subsequently give light to the room as far as 40 feet from the window–saving money on lighting, heating, and cooling. This revolutionary film has also been scientifically proven to decrease patient recovery times, improve student test scores, improve employee productivity, as well as decrease absentee rates.

3M Daylight Redirecting Film: A Green Technology for Fort Collins Residents

When the Daylight Redirecting Film sends light deeper into the room, it can account for up to 80% of the light needed. This in turn greatly reduces the need for artificial light during the day, lowering utilities and maintenance costs. A world leader in window film technology, 3M is making a way for a better tomorrow through energy conservation excellence. Also, the application of 3M window films may even be used towards LEED certification credits for your home or building.

Overall, 3M product offerings increase the performance of windows and as a result, help people live a better life–at home or work.  Review the product sheets below for more information and facts on the power of 3M window film for your Fort Collins home or business.

3M Window Film Spec Sheet

3M Daylight Redirecting Spec Sheet

3M Commercial Window Film Spec Sheet

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