V-Kool Fort Collins

V-Kool Window Film for Fort Collins Homes and Businesses

Windows must be properly equipped not only to protect you from things like the heat of the summer and cold of the winter, but also from the invisible but dangerous threat of  UV rays–especially here in Colorado. If you’re looking to upgrade your windows, V-Kool from Fort Collins Window Tinting is an excellet choice!

V-Kool window film offers a 360-degree solution to many problems from the sun streaming through your windows to security risks in an ever-changing world. Best of all, this high clarity film protects without any loss of of view through your windows!


The Benefits of V-Kool Window Film

Experience the V-Kool advantage for your Fort Collins home or business! Improve security, keep your space comfortable, and create a stunning look. V-Kool films offer major benefits including:
Energy Efficiency: Solar heat gain on windows is notorious for causing high air conditioning costs for homes and commercial buildings in the summer.  Also, windows are the cause of heat loss in the winters because more than 55% of the air you pay to heat escapes through glass. V-Kool is an all around solution to  reduce both solar heat gain and act as insulation too. This lowers energy costs and virtually eliminates hot and cold spots in your home or office.

Safety and Security: V-kool window film rejects the harmful UV rays that bombard your Fort Collins home and business each day.  However, it is equally as effective at protecting your home or business against those looking to do you harm and natural disasters too. Windows treated with V-Kool keep glass in place after a high-velocity strike from flying debris, high winds, other natural disasters, and break-ins.

Glare Reduction: Glare from windows in the afternoon can be horrible here in Colorado  and results in some rooms in your home or commercial investment becoming virtually unusable in the afternoon. However,  with V-Kool window film, you can take back the best rooms in your home or office and enjoy them once more–any time of day.  V-Kool blocks 99% of the sun’s rays through your windows, while still allowing in over 70% of natural, visible light. This keeps you protected but still able to enjoy perfect clarity through your  Fort Collins windows day and night.

Fade Reduction:  UV radiation may only make up about 3% of the Sun’s rays but even that small bit is more than enough to fade and deteriorate expensive carpets, draperies, and other home furnishings. Additionally, UV rays are one of the primary cause of melanoma, cancer.  Untreated, clear glass that comes standard on windows only stops 33% of the sun’s UV rays. Even Low-E windows only block about 80% of UV rays. V-Kool, on the other hand, blocks 99%, making it a budget and health-conscious choice.


The Unmatched Beauty of V-Kool Window Film for Fort Collins Homes and Businesses

Windows treated with film often have a reputation for being very reflective or dark.  This is because some low quality films act almost like a mirror or rely on dark tinting to subdue the sun. They look unattractive and worse yet,  block out the natural light you love. This leads to dark rooms and distorted views from the windows of your home or business. However, V-KOOL is not like other window tints,  it is clear and nearly colorless because it is a metalized window film. It allows quite a bit of visible sunlight, 70% to be exact, while at the same time blocking 99% of damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays.

We Offer an Extensive Selection of V-Kool Products

Fort Collins Window Tinting is your trusted source for V-Kool in Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, and the surrounding area. We carry V-Kool’s entire product line, making it easy for you to find an option that meets your needs.


Experience unparalleled clarity with V-KOOL75, boasting an impressive 77% visible light transmittance. This cutting-edge film offers a perfect blend of natural light and comfort, rejecting 99% of harmful UV rays while keeping 45.45% of solar energy at bay. Ideal for those who prioritize light without compromising on protection.


V-KOOL70 is the epitome of balance, offering a harmonious blend of 70% daylight transmission and 55% solar heat rejection. With its virtually clear appearance, it preserves your space’s aesthetic while providing exceptional UV protection and energy efficiency. It’s the smart choice for maintaining natural light and comfort.


For those seeking value without sacrifice, V-KOOL65 delivers. With 66% visible light transmittance and 47% total solar energy rejection, it offers a cost-effective solution for reducing heat and glare. Its 99% UV rejection rate protects your interiors, making it a smart and economical choice for any setting.


Meet the innovative V-KOOL55, designed to strike a perfect balance between light and heat control. With 58% visible light transmittance and a remarkable 59% solar energy rejection, it’s engineered to enhance comfort and efficiency. Its superior UV and infrared rejection capabilities make it ideal for those seeking the ultimate in solar protection.

Facts About V-Kool and its Performance

Beyond being a beautiful product, the efficacy of V-Kool is unmatched in the window film industry.

V-KOOL comes in four variations:

  • V-KOOL 40 – blocks 65% of the sun’s heat
  • V-KOOL 70 – blocks 55% of the sun’s heat
  • V-KOOL 75 – blocks 44% of the sun’s heat
  • V-KOOL Secure – blocks 55% of the sun’s heat

Explore the details about V-Kool’s unparalleled aesthetics and performance in the product fact sheets below:

V-Kool Spec Sheet 1

V-Kool Spec Sheet 2

If you are interested in V-Kool for your Fort Collins property or any other window film product, contact us at Fort Collins Window Tinting for a free consultation today!