How Window Film keeps your Fort Collins Home Cool

With heat reducing window film, Fort Collins homeowners and business owners can:

  1. Significantly lower air conditioning costs
  2. Make their interior rooms more comfortable naturally, with less air conditioning
  3. Cut annoying glare and block the sun’s damaging UV rays, the same rays that cause furnishings, artwork, upholstery, and flooring to fade in the strong Colorado sun.
  4. Easily make back the cost of the film with the savings in energy costs.

Colorado is famed for its 300 plus days of sunshine. But during the summer, that same beautiful sun can make a home or office too hot to handle, requiring expensive air conditioning all season long. With the installation of a heat reducing window film, Fort Collins residents can keep their homes more naturally cool while they lower their energy bill and their carbon footprint at the same time.

Many customers report needing considerably less or NO air conditioning at all, after the installation of heat reducing window film.

heat reducing window film

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Heat reducing window film is part of the category of films known as energy efficiency films. This high-performance product, once professionally installed, creates a molecular bond with the windows. It can block solar heat gain through the windows, in varying degrees, depending on which particular film is chosen.

With a heat reducing window film, the heat is reflected back outward. The glass stays cooler and the heat does not transfer into the home.

Why use Fort Collins Window Tinting for your heat reducing window film?

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We know you will be delighted with our heat reducing window film, Fort Collins, as well as our can-do attitude and our willingness to go the extra mile for your complete satisfaction.

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