One of the joys of living in Colorado is being able to get plenty of sunlight year round. Our beloved state’s warm, dry climate is perfect for those who love to spend time tanning in the sun, swimming, having picnics, or participating in outdoor activities.

But as wonderful as all the sunlight may feel, it’s still important for Coloradans to be cautious about how much exposure they get. While the sunlight can be beneficial for stimulating your immune system and mood and supplying your body with Vitamin D, sitting in the sun too long can have negative consequences.

In addition to the beautiful light and warmth that we love, the sunlight also carries ultraviolet radiation. These vicious rays of light are ruthless on our skin, eyes, and health. And they can also ruin the personal belongings that we love and rely on – like the furniture in our homes or the beautiful hardwood floors in an office building. Fortunately, you can easily reduce your exposure to uv rays by installing uv blocking window film for your Fort Collins property.

How UV Blocking Window Film Works

UV blocking window film is like sunscreen for your windows. And yes, that’s a necessary thing. Most people think that uv rays can’t get to them when they’re inside, but they couldn’t be more wrong. UV radiation gains access to the inside of your home or office through glass door panes and windows. Once inside, it goes to town attacking furniture, flooring, artwork, and the human body. These rays of light are truly vicious.

UV blocking window film helps to stop all this from happening by keep uv radiation outside where it belongs. The film contains what’s called “spectrally selective technology” that allows it to pick and choose which spectrums of light are allowed to pass through. UV frequencies are halted by the film while visible light transmission is encouraged.

uv protection window film ft collins

5 Benefits of Installing UV Blocking Window Film

Installing uv blocking window film is a very effective way to protect your Fort Collins property from the sun. In fact, there are many advantages of investing in uv protection film. We’ve listed just a few below.

1. UV blocking film can reduce the risk of skin cancer.

2. UV blocking film prevents eye disease and corneal damage.

3. Fabrics stay vibrant longer when uv protection film is installed.

4. It’s easier to see tv and computer screens due to less glare.

5. Uv blocking film protects rugs, carpets, and hardwood.

As you can see, there are many advantages to adding uv blocking window film to your home or office. To learn more, you can call us to schedule a consultation.

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