HD Graphic Film

HDClear Takes Decorative Window Film to New Heights

Here at Fort Collins Window Tinting, we are pleased to offer our Fort Collins customers the amazing HDClear customizable decorative window film.

HDClear is the first fully customizable decorative window film that can use any kind of artwork supplied by the client. This optically clear film can be printed with a literally unlimited array of graphics, text, images. And the image or design can be printed over the entire film, or just part.

Various effects include 3D, frosted looks, translucent, custom fades and gradients, opaque, or semi-opaque finishes. With HDClear decorative window film, Fort Collins businesses can add a truly high-end, high style, designer look and feel to a window or other glass surface. Walls, dividers, cubicles, storefronts, and many other places.

This film can be applied to acrylic or plexiglass, and used as a wall wrap for large, stunning graphic effects.



Other features and benefits of HDClear decorative window film Fort Collins residents might want to know about include:

  1. Ten color printing, plus white. Colors can be as muted or vivid as desired.
  2. Hard coated finish is scratch resistant and easy to keep clean.
  3. Unprinted areas of the film retain 100 percent optical clarity.
  4. Also available in 4mm to 7mm security film for an extra cost.
  5. Adds privacy.
  6. Made of environmentally friendly polymer which can be easily recycled.
  7. Ten year limited warranty (highest in the decorative film industry)
  8. Ninety nine percent UV block for exterior window applications.
  9. Sixteen percent solar block prevents excess heat gain.
  10. Adds thermal efficiency to the glass.
  11. Perfect for architectural glass and interior glass surfaces.

Imagine the ability to add any kind of custom design, artwork, or creative idea to a glass surface in any kind of commercial space. Imagine transforming the entire look and feel of a room with one window or glass wall. With HDClear decorative window film, Fort Collins businesses get the exciting ability to do just that!

Please contact us for more details on how to submit your digital artwork to create your own unique, one of a kind decorative window film, Fort Collins! We can work with you on your custom designs, offer a quote, and arrange professional installation of the HDClear film by our highly experienced installation techs.