As a business owner, you’ll want to ensure your commercial property leaves the best impression on potential customers and clients. Decorative window film is an economical way to upgrade your space while providing privacy, branding opportunities, decorative accents and more! In this blog post we’re going to cover all of the different kinds of window film available for businesses as well as how they can be utilized in creative ways.

Decorative Window Film to Create Privacy in Office Conference Rooms

An efficient way to protect confidential presentations in Ft. Collins conference rooms is through the utilization of decorative window films for glass surfaces. These films stop outside viewers from having unobstructed views into the room, and some varieties can even obscure tv screens. For added protection, many of these frosted or partially patterned films provide an extra layer of privacy. Not only does decorative window film enhance your privacy and make a lasting impression, but by customizing the film you can also give it a unique touch that shows off your brand. Decorative window films are an ideal choice for safeguarding sensitive information in offices, preventing distractions during meetings, and creating attractive office aesthetics.

Decorative Window Film For Branded Displays on Ft. Collins Store Front Windows

Transform your store window into an eye-catching branded display with decorative window film! It’s the perfect tool for branding, showcasing logos and store hours – whatever message you want to communicate to customers! With customizable designs, attract attention while creating as much or as little privacy in retail locations. Decorative window film is an inexpensive yet creative way to bolster brand awareness while maximizing privacy at the same time.

Decorative Window Film in Hotel Room Showers for Privacy

Decorative window film can be an attractive, cost-effective solution for providing privacy in hotel room showers. With a vast array of designs available to meet any aesthetic application, window film adds a decorative touch. However, the safety benefits of window films ensure guests have the protection from slip-and-falls that they need in their bathroom space. Not only does this create a more inviting shower experience but it also reduces injuries.

Decorative Window Film for Seasonal Displays on Commercial Windows

Decorative window film is a budget-friendly and simple to use solution for any Ft. Collins commercial setting wanting to create seasonal displays. From Easter bunnies to snowmen, you can transform any glass surface into a showpiece in minutes that will wow onlookers all year round! Not only is decorative window film easy on the wallet, but it’s also effortless to put up and take down so your business can keep customers amazed with beautiful arrangements whenever desired.

Decorative Window Film to Advertise Events at Sports Stadiums or Music Venues

Advertising with decorative window film is a powerful and attractive way to reach an audience for sports stadiums, music venues, or any other event. By creating full sheets of solid colored vinyl customized with graphics and text, this type of advertising can draw the attention your business needs – often lasting weeks or months at a time! With such vibrant visuals that are sure to be noticed by passers-by, utilize this form of advertisement as it has tremendous potential in gaining new customers.

Decorative Film is Functional and Beautiful

Decorative film is quickly becoming the go-to choice for windows in commercial settings. Not only does it provide a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing touch to any space but its UV blocking capabilities means that harmful radiation is kept out and your interior remains protected. Moreover, decorative film adds an extra layer of security to the window and works as insulation – trapping heated or cooled air within in order to maximize energy efficiency. With so many benefits combined into one solution, decorative film truly offers a unique way to tackle multiple issues while adding character and beauty all at once!

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Give your business a fresh start without the long, costly process of renovating – decorative window film is here to help in Ft. Collins! This cost-effective and impactful solution adds personality to your space while giving you functional benefits. Contact us now for a free design consultation to decide what beautiful display would best suit your commercial location! Whether you want to create a private conference room or add some branding to your storefront, decorative window film can help you achieve your goals. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and see how we can transform your business today!


Mike Kinsey

Mike Kinsey has been working in the window tinting industry for over 10 years. Since 2008, he and his team have assisted on numerous installs in the Fort Collins area, totaling approximately 250,000 sq. ft. of film. As the Operations Manager for Fort Collins Window Tinting, Mike's duties include project management, customer relations, and sales. He is well-versed in the technical procedures for window film installation as well as the differences between the hundreds of types and styles of film on the market. Mike is certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education and is regarded as one of the top experts in his field.