Most Common Window Film Questions Answered

Probably the question we get asked most here at Fort Collins Window Tinting is–”Will window film darken my home’s windows?” The long and the short of it is–How much your windows are darkened (or not darkened) is dependent on the product you choose and what level and application you use it for. However, there is a little more to it than that. Read on to discover more about which films will most affect the shade or clarity of your windows and how to purchase the window film that best suits you shade preference, needs, and budget.

Which Window Film Is Right For Your Fort Collins Home

The type of film you choose will be what determines the level of darkness, opacity or reflectivity. So essentially, the power is yours to choose what you prefer. With so many types of films on today’s market, there is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Rather, you, as the consumer, through consulting with a window film, choose the window film to fit your particular needs. However, keep in mind, the window film you choose, at the very least, should offer UV protection, heat rejection, glare control and a basic level of added security. Below we have summed up the different levels of window film ranging from basic to mid-range to premium, this will help you get an idea of how things work.

Window Film Products Explained

Basic Window Film: – Is referred to as metalized or “dual-reflective” film. It is made from microscopic pieces of metal which reflect and bounce heat and glare off a window–much like a mirror. This type of window film is energy efficient and will reduce heat, glare, and utility costs. But, it is not always the aesthetic and/or style customers want for their homes.
Mid-Range Window Film: Is referred to as dyed, pigment or hybrid window film. It uses a special blend of dyes and pigments to absorb the sun’s heat and UV rays. This film is also energy efficient, reduces glare and solar heat gain. It is more popular because of the reduced reflectivity and more natural look from both inside and outside and will save you money on utilities. However, this film doesn’t perform well in very hot or overly sunny places.
Premium Window Film: Modern premium window films are made from ceramic and fine metals. Ceramic is outstanding at heat absorption and is actually used as an insulator on spacecrafts and power lines. It is much better than mid-range film at absorbing heat and more attractive than basic window film. By far the best part about this film is–you have so many choices in appearance! It comes in nearly any shade or reflectivity level, even to the point of reducing your windows’ natural reflective, enhancing your view.

For more information on choosing the right window film for your home, watch the video below:

As always, you pay for what you get, so we always suggest buying the best window film you can afford. Better window films will ultimately last longer and perform better on your home’s windows. For More information and to schedule a free consultation, contact us at Fort Collins Window Tinting today!

Mike Kinsey

Mike Kinsey has been working in the window tinting industry for over 10 years. Since 2008, he and his team have assisted on numerous installs in the Fort Collins area, totaling approximately 250,000 sq. ft. of film. As the Operations Manager for Fort Collins Window Tinting, Mike's duties include project management, customer relations, and sales. He is well-versed in the technical procedures for window film installation as well as the differences between the hundreds of types and styles of film on the market. Mike is certified by 3M, EnerLogic, and AIA for continuing education and is regarded as one of the top experts in his field.